The 10 Cutest Pets On The Planet


Felis catus, domesticated carnivorous cats, are small.The domestic cat is the only Felidae species that has been domesticated. Feral cats live in the wild and avoid humans. 

2. Dog

Dogs are domesticated wolves with docked tails. The dog's closest relative is the wolf, which likewise descended from an extinct wolf. Around 15,000 years ago, hunter–gatherers tamed the dog.  

3. Bunny

Rabbits, or Leporidae, are small mammals in the order Lagomorpha, together with hares and pikas. The 305 domestic rabbit breeds worldwide are grouped under the European rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus).  

4. Horse

Equus ferus caballus, a domesticated odd-toed, hoofed mammal of the Equidae family, has wild subspecies. Both Equus ferus subspecies have Pleistocene ancestors. The horse evolved from the multi-toed Eohippus to the massive, one-toed horse during 45–55 million years. 

5.  Squirrel

Mice, hamsters, and squirrels are Sciuridae rodents. Chipmunks, marmots, flying squirrels, prairie dogs, and tree squirrels are all related.

6. Lizard

Lizards are present on every continent except Antarctica and most marine island chains. Since it excludes snakes and Amphisbaenia, the group is paraphyletic. 

7. Chinchilla

Both chinchilla species are crepuscular rodents larger and stronger than ground squirrels. For millennia, these South American mammals have lived in the Andes Mountains at heights up to 4,270 meters.88 

8.  Turtle

The ribs help turtles and other Testudines build their shells. Modern turtles with side necks (also called strong necks) and hidden necks (sometimes called long necks) retract their heads differently. 

8.  Rat

Muroidea features many medium-sized rodents with lengthy tails. The two most important "true rats" to humans are the black rat (Rattus rattus) and the brown rat.

10. Snake

Snakes are limbless, carnivorous, and elongated. Ectothermic, amniote, multi-scuted snakes. Due to cranial kinesis, snakes may swallow food larger than their heads. 


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