Refresh Your Home with Fairycore for a Light, Organic Feel

This folk tale and fairy dust-inspired design trend—not only for kids—will add charm to your home.The fluttering fairies of legend are finally liberated from storybooks—fairycore home decor is here to stay. 

This fairy-inspired design trend is excellent for outdoorsy individuals, bookworms, and kids due to its youthful playfulness and warm colours.  Fairycore is a colourful combination of our classic design schemes and newer ones.

Fairycore design may inspire an interior revamp if you want something sleeker than goblincore or more modern than cottagecore. For a timeless effect in your bedroom, den, or kitchen, turn to the fairies.

1.Bring Nature Indoors: Add houseplants and flowers to your living area for pixie dust. Line bookshelves, TV consoles, and bed frames with ivy for an outdoor effect, and scatter miniature succulents among stray stacks of books to bring the outdoors inside. Fresh-cut yard flowers in exquisite vases lend life (literally) to your fairy aesthetic.

2.Display trinkets and goodies: Fairycore decor requires delicate items, so raid your storage closet for unsorted trinkets. Your shells, trinkets, and unframed photos fit fairycore decor. Try placing fairy-sized trinkets on shelves and mantels and experimenting with coffee table centrepieces. Polaroids, twinkling lights, and candles (twisted taper or otherwise) complete the look. 

3.Keep Shades Light: Light colours, textiles, and materials define fairycore—everything airy and peaceful belongs! Add greens, blues, yellows, and pink for balance. Fairycore is vibrant, but uses light woods and solid colours on the walls. Fairycore furniture is birch and bamboo, but cushions, throw blankets, and wall art can add richer, bolder colours—a light colour palette will make these accents stand out.

4.Create with Low, Glowy Lighting: Fairycore loves light, but not just any overhead lighting. In a fairy-themed room, cosy candles and elegant string lights with faux vines or star-shaped bulbs are wonderful. 

5.Choose Geometric Shapes: Fairycore is suitable for designers of all ages, but its fanciful shapes will take you back to childhood. For whimsical style, choose furniture with soft or scalloped edges and go outside the box for storage.


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