6 2024 Living Room Design Trends 

Interior experts predict layered textures, warm colours, and quirky furniture in the coming year.One of the most significant rooms is the living room. As the name implies, it is a nice place to live and where families gather to unwind. 

Because of its everyday use, the living room is where design trends first appear. In the coming year, interior designers recommend layers of texture, a warm colour palette, and quirky furniture to become snug.

1. Antiques, crafts, and heirlooms: Living room furniture and design from the past is essential in 2024. "The vintage furniture, art, and decor craze isn't new, but we don't see it going away soon," adds JAM co-founder and principal Joe McGuier.

2. Eclecticism: Being Real: Living rooms are anticipated to become eclectic in 2024 as we want to create a personal area. “In the new year, we think the design landscape will continue to shift away from sterile minimalism, inviting us to curate vibrant, eclectic spaces that tell our unique stories,” Bishop adds.

3. Texture, texture, texture: Interior designers layer texture to create a cosy, inviting, and pleasant living area. Select hard, soft, reflecting, and matte finishes for your house and add soft furniture with a variety of patterns and textures.

4. Fluted Details: A Houzz trend analysis says “fluted details have been on display at design shows throughout the year, accenting everything from kitchen islands to bathroom vanities to living room furniture.” Fluting, shallow grooves running vertically down a surface, is ornamental and occasionally practical. The Roman-era approach provides visual richness and interest to the space.

5. Warm Colour Schemes: The 2024 warm colour palette is one of the most anticipated trends. Warm colours have yellow, orange, or red undertones. Pure blue is cold, but yellow undertones warm it. A blue undertone makes red cool. Cool greys and stark whites will be replaced by warmer neutrals like beiges, creamy off-whites, and rich browns and tans next year.

6. Bold pattern, colour: The white and neutral-coloured minimalist interiors that have prevailed in recent years may diminish in 2024, McGuier believes. Bold hues are trending in walls, furniture, appliances, decor, and modern art.


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