5 house renovations interior designers recommend for 2024 

Want to update your home? Experts recommend these improvements for this year.As the new year begins, we think about how to make our homes work harder. We're always looking for ways to improve our homes, from kitchen cabinet improvements to bedroom paint.

Start planning your home updates for the year in January so you can schedule time and budget for them, depending on their scope. 

Complete makeovers take more forethought, but modest adjustments can be done quickly. We ask interior designers which home upgrades to prioritise for the year.

1. Try thicker kitchen shades: Over the next year, experiment with brighter colour palettes in your home. Patricia Knight, Founder & Principal Designer of Zinnia Design Studio, says clients are fearlessly adding colour to cabinets instead of the timeless, clean white kitchen.

2. Only get quality furniture to update your rooms: This year, my top home improvement tip is to buy high-quality, long-lasting furniture. If you're updating, explore materials and craftsmanship and spend more on artisan-quality, sustainably created things, advises Kathy Kuo Home CEO Kathy Kuo. 

3. Use lighting fixtures to update your look. Lighting affects a room more than you think, so evaluate your existing fixtures before making major modifications. Additional bedroom lighting creates a welcoming atmosphere, while brighter kitchen bulbs make a kitchen feel larger.

4. Try interesting textures to provide dimension. This year, mix materials and finishes to create depth and interest to your kitchen, bathroom, or utility room. Focus on backsplashes, countertops, and wall finishes to upgrade without remodelling. 

5. Focus on overlooked areas. 'The new year is a good chance to update neglected facilities like bathrooms. Cleaning and regrouting your tiles is first. Fresh grout lines can instantly rejuvenate and maintain your shower, says Victoria Holly, Principal and Founder of Victoria Holly Interiors.


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